Metro Map


     By 30th June 2010, there has been 11 lines and 267 stations put into operation in Shanghai rail transit network, while the operation length of rail transit has reached 410km.( Excluding the Maglev Demonstration Line )

    Line 1(Fujin Rd to XinZhuang), 37km in length, including 28 stations, is a major north-south directional metro line across Shanghai. Colour: red.

Line 2(East Xujing to Pudong International Airport),60km in length, including 31 stations, is a east-west directional metro line connecting two sides of HuangPu River, and crossing the downtown area. Colour: green.

Line 3(Shanghai South Railway Station to North JiangYang Rd),40km in length, including 29 stations, is a metro line( mostly elevated) crossing by the edge of the downtown. Colour: yellow.

Line 4, 34km in length, including 26 stations( 9 of which is in co-operation with line 3), is a circle metro line with co-operation line with line 3. Colour: purple.

Line 5( MinHang Development Zone to XinZhuang), 17km in length, including 11 stations. Colour: fuchsia.

Line 6(GangCheng Rd to South LingYan Rd), 31km in length, including 27 stations. Colour: magenta.

Line 7(HuaMu Rd to Shanghai University), 34.38km in length, 27 stations in operation, is another major north-south directional metro line in Shanghai r